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      DECK - Foundation for standing, Made from maple wood
      GRIP TAPE - Provides traction for shoes
      TRUCKS - Allows your skateboard to turn and provides an axle for wheels
      WHEELS - Housing for bearings, helps your skateboard roll
      BEARINGS - Gives you a smooth ride and goes inside your wheels
      HARDWARE - Attaches the trucks to your deck
      We offer standard mini completes that are great for skating street, park and everything in between.  Featuring popsicle shape with hard wheels,
      these MINI sizes work great for ages 5-9.
      FULL SIZE completes for ages 10 and up.  If you are getting back into skating
      or taking your board size up a size, there are various options that will 
      fit anyones style.  Completes offer popsicle shape and
      hard wheels for street and park skating.
      If you are needing some assistance with picking out your first skateboard, we are here to help.  We offer a variety of boards that are already complete and ready to roll for any skill level (COMPLETES) --let us know if you need help on selecting one or If you are looking for more options, just send us a message and we can send a few questions to better help us assist you.