Independent Truck Co. x Toy Machine Standard Polished Skateboard Trucks (Sold as Single Truck)

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Trucks sold individually (order two for a set)

Loyal Pawns Under the command of the consumer control center of the Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company will obey their benevolent corporate overlord and succumb to this INDY x Toy Machine collaboration immediately if not sooner. Your wallets have no control over our iron grip on your easily controlled minds.

Limited Edition Independent Trucks x Toy Machine Stage 11 Standard trucks featuring polished silver hanger and baseplate with Toy Machine pad print, red cushions, and silver hardware. 55 mm tall

Size Guide:
  • 139 - 8.00" (7.8"-8.2")
  • 149 - 8.50" (8.4"-8.6")