Pro-Tec Jr 3-Pack Open Back - Red

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The Red, White, Black Jr. 3 pack is a scaled-down version of the street pads and wrist guards, now with open back knee pads so there's no more need to take off your shoes and slip them over your foot. Our most popular, best selling pad set, refreshed and updated in a hanging reusable mesh bag and now in more colors to choose from.

To ensure a perfect fit, measure circumference of bicep (A) & forearm (B) for elbow pads and thigh (C) & upper calf (D) for knee pads; wrist (E) for wrist guard. Match to the sizes listed below:

Youth S - (A) 7.5"-9" (19-23cm); (B) 6.5"-8" (17-21cm); (C) 10"-12" (27-31cm);          (D) 9"-10.5" (23-27cm); (E) 5"-6" (13-15cm)

Youth M - (A) 8"-9.5" (21-24cm); (B) 7.5"-8.5" (19-22cm); (C) 12"-14" (31-35);       (D) 10"-12" (26-30cm); (E) 5.5"-6.5" (14-16cm)