Pro Tec Street Gear Jr 3 Pack - Black

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A scaled down version of the Pro Tec Street Gear 3 pack. Includes elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards.

To ensure a perfect fit, measure circumference of bicep (A) & forearm (B) for elbow pads and thigh (C) & upper calf (D) for knee pads; wrist (E) for wrist guard. Match to the sizes listed below:

Youth S - (A) 7.5"-9" (19-23cm); (B) 6.5"-8" (17-21cm); (C) 10"-12" (27-31cm);          (D) 9"-10.5" (23-27cm); (E) 5"-6" (13-15cm)

Youth M - (A) 8"-9.5" (21-24cm); (B) 7.5"-8.5" (19-22cm); (C) 12"-14" (31-35);       (D) 10"-12" (26-30cm); (E) 5.5"-6.5" (14-16cm)